Orchha Festival

India is all about Festivals. There is a Festival for every occasion where everyonecomes together. A Festival is an instance to celebrate with friends and strangers.This is a time when dance, music and the sacred become one with the divine.The Orchha Festival is a 3-day event to celebrate this charming town. With a history of 5 centuries there is much on offer. This event brings together the several experiences that are quintessentially Orchha.


Founded in the 16th Century by Rudra Pratap Singh, Orchha became the capital of the Bundela Rajput dynasty. Planned along the Betwa river, the complex of forts, palaces and cenotaphs surprise the visitor with unexpected. As you explore the sights, the legends come alive and you are lost in a labyrinth awakening the child in you.

Orchha is the only place in India where Lord Ram is worshipped as a King. The grand temples stand enigmatically in the landscape merging the stories of valour of the Rajput Kings with those of the gods.

The forests around the town and the river are ideal for the adventure-seeking traveler. Orchha has something for everyone.


This historical town is seeped in Rajput lore. The fort palace complex still echo of the battles fought centuries ago. As we climb the temple steps, we hear the bells ringing in devotion to the gods. The cenotaphs pay homage to the kings who walked this land.

A trip to Orchha is perfect for travelling back in time, a lesson from the forgotten pages of history.

Things to do during namaste orchha festival

Bird Watching
Nature Walks
Heritage Walks
Rafting & Kayaking
Helicopter Rides
Champi (Indian Head Massage)
Orchha Wildlife Safari

Festival Vision

The Festival hopes to create a synergy with the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath’s vision for Orchha. It is aimed to encourage a tourism friendly attitude leading to employment opportunities for the local community. The Festival would also act as a catalyst in promoting infrastructure development in and around Orchha leading to better services for tourists and improved lives for citizens.

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